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Fun in the Sun México 2005

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Just so Hoku has a name for this hottie

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Taken: July 22, 2005
Uploaded: August 07, 2005
249 2
Captured with:
Canon PowerShot S500

  • Hoku (Private)
    13 years 5 months ago
    I apologize for the lameness of the comment made earlier, however I do not apoligise for its sentiment. I am drunk, which is no escuse for lameness, but I am also in Rhode Island and in severe need of "company". And, furthermore in my opinion Thre ]gril in the pictiuer is somethin ' elsean d its easy tio see how someone coukd be enthralled with a mere illusionary image creqated by pixeks, but /I am rambling and my fingers must b we swelling beacause Ican'tseem to controll them properly. I dhallno w poaass put.

    [Ed. Note - Banned for posting while intoxicated.]
    [Other Ed.'s Note - Reinstated.. for exactly the same reason. We can always use more drunken posts, kids.]
  • Hoku (Private)
    13 years 6 months ago
    DAMN! Gina!