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Jessica away at school with those crazy Deaf people.
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People, places, and things in Austin, Texas
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Leslie and James
My good friend Les and her sweet baby James.
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Blue Light Special
my favorite band
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Photos from out and about.
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I've gotten back into this artsy-fartsy crap. And I'm going to share about it, too. You're warned.
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USO Dance
Chancellor Middle School 6th-graders swing dance and celebrate with Matt, Katie, Sarah, and Jessica.
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Easter Sunday
Matt and Jessica join Aunt Sunny and Mick for dinner at Turkey Hall.
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March for Women's Lives
800k-1 million protestors march on the Mall.
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Rachel's Wedding
The first of us gets hitched.
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Kerrville Folk Festival
My annual retreat into the hills with the hippies.
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Apartment 511
My ghetto-fabulous bachelorette pad on Rhode Island Avenue, NE DC.
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Not My Photos
I didn't take 'em, but I'd like to show 'em off anyway.
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Revenge of the Sith
I will be partying for another event for the first time since my boys and I have been opening of las guerras de la estrella. I managed to get a week's advance glimpse of the fun.
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Wisdom Course
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D. C.
The District of Columbia.
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Tate Tullier
Apr 1, 2007

The illustrious Tate Tullier's photos of moi in the year of our loveliness, 2007

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Mar 24, 2007

Mama, brudda, sista, and a camera.

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Russians in DC
Apr 1, 2007

My favorite Russians visit DC.

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Spring Break 2006
Mar 1, 2006

Jack, Cara, Jessica, Nicole, Panika, Bill, Shawn, and Ben take to the mountains of New Mexico. Only limited evidence remains of their exploits. You can see them here.

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Best game of darts I've ever played.
Jul 26, 2005

I closed out 17 and 15 in the first round (with 17 points), and then the 18s on the second round (all three in one space). From there, AJ and I pretty much had it made, though the skill of our opponents intimidated us. I made the kill shot. Oh, yeah, baby.

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Jessica Graves
Black Tie and Boots

Spent three days hanging out with the ladies of Jean Therapy, got to wear a great pair of their 501s with chaps, hung out with some Austin musicians, did a lot of two-stepping, and even met a celebrity or two. I got my photo with Mo, but Dusty of ZZ Top was moving too fast, and had very large body guards.

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Jessica Graves

Things that don't fall into categories, stuff that just doesn't make sense, and other things that have no purpose.

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